Agile & Lean consulting from SuperScript builds a learning culture focused on rapid delivery of great software products. We grow your capability to continuously engage customers, discover solutions, and improve development.

Enterprise Innovation

Our enterprise innovation packages help you build a high-performance culture and unlock the full potential of your organization.

Do you need expert advice on how make your organization agile? Have you already adopted agile but not seen the full benefit you expected? Do you need help aligning your teams with your top-level strategy? The enterprise packages listed below are designed to help you. Contact us for more information.

Basic Assessment

The Basic Assessment gives you an actionable plan for improvement in just two weeks. Start here if you want to know where and how to focus your efforts to ramp up innovation.

We take a rapid deep dive into your organization, interviewing key employees, embedding with teams and seeing how they work, and mapping your existing development processes After analyzing the findings, we identify the top opportunities to improve your product development performance, and provide specific recommendations on how to reach the next levels of product delivery.

Full Assessment

The Full Assessment expands the approach of the Basic Assessment to a six week program, producing an extensive actionable plan for the entire organization. Start here if you want to know how to bring a high-performance culture to your enterprise.

We take a rapid and broad deep dive into your organization, with extensive interviews, surveys, embedded observation of teams and management, and mapping of existing value streams. We uncover the root causes of obstacles that prevent you from achieving high performance and make specific recommendations in areas fundamental to your enterprise:

These recommendations build your organizational capacity for immediate and sustained improvement across all functions of the business.

Product Team Rollout

The Product Team Rollout package combines bootcamp training with coaching through delivery of an MVP (minimum viable product). Start here if you know you want to create or improve agile product teams.

Bootcamp training for 1-2 product teams and their stakeholders introduces both the how and why of Scrum and Kanban, with a firm grounding in Agile & Lean principles. Embedded team coaching reinforces day-to-day application of bootcamp learning and equips teams and stakeholders to continue improving on their own.

Lean Management

The Lean Management package cultivates servant leadership for product development or operational support teams. Start here if your managers need to produce more business value with their available resources in an agile & lean environment.

This customized package teaches managers how to work effectively with teams in an agile & lean environment. We introduce a common language for agile & lean practice, and establish crisp prioritization, lightweight coordination of development portfolios, smooth resource allocation, and enhanced team empowerment. We help you focus on the right work to do to deliver the maximum business value with the available resources.

Executive Training & Coaching:

The Executive Training & Coaching package teaches and facilitates effective strategic operation in an agile & lean environment. Start here if you need to know how to give your management and teams what they need to perform at their best.

This customized package facilitates the creation of clear product strategy and vision, and the strategic communication plan to disseminate them. We help you shorten decision loops through effective delegation, and provide robust feedback to teams for foster nimble development.

Client Successes

Customer Product Data Company

Customer focus and new business models

A longtime publisher of consumer product data was losing ground to the trend toward free customer reviews. We trained and coached three product teams, and coached leadership in lean portfolio management. The teams achieved a rapid development pace with customer focus, and the business created new business models to explore.

Financial Services Company

Streamlined development process

Most people consider this company the best performer in its field. An assessment found gaps in devops, QA, and more than 65% of development time spent waiting for dependency resolution. We pinpointed problem areas and delivered specific action plans for improvement.

Ecommerce SAAS Provider

Consistent practice and vocabulary

Growth had caught up with this service provider. They had no consistent practices, a code base of increasing complexity, and demanding clients to please. Training and coaching for all teams brought consistent vocabulary, baseline practices, and reporting to their development efforts. Joint training with a client created a new collaborative development model.

William Baxter

William Baxter has an irrepressible passion for learning and taking on new challenges. Unusually broad experience in mathematics, programming, management, and entrepreneurship uniquely positions William to help clients build trust, servant leadership, and high-performance culture.

William has helped many teams roll out or improve on their agile practices. In 2014 alone he worked with over 15 teams and 5 management groups in industries from consumer intelligence to finance. Nothing satisfied him more than seeing these clients improve customer focused and discover a better products to create.

William's love for entrepreneurship started early when he opened a skateboard shop during high school. After earning a PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley, William founded SuperScript, providing programming and consulting services to clients in publishing and early internet services. Several of his open-source software packages still see widespread use. He later joined the startup CheetahMail, playing a critical role as VP of Technology in building the world's largest email service provider. His next startup, FocusDB, anticipated the explosion of interest in non-relational databases.

While leading technology departments William repeatedly confronted a cultural misalignment of business and technology groups. His obsession with solving that problem led him to Agile & Lean, applying them first as an internal agent of change and now as a consultant.

In addition to his professional pursuits, William has a black belt in Shoto-Kai karate. He enjoys reading on economics and law. He lives with his wife in Austin, Texas. For a full professional history, see LinkedIn.

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