Who We Are

We are agents of change dedicated to raising the bar for enterprise product delivery. We believe clear vision, crisp decision making, and incessant customer interaction are the keys to effective product innovation.

We bring a start-up mentality to your enterprise, from product development teams on the floor to leadership formulating strategy and vision. We assess what impedes adoption of a high-performance culture, and facilitate the change required to achieve it. Accelerating delivery of customer value is our goal. Our clients not only do things better, they focus on doing do better things.

What We Do

We facilitate changes to restore customer focus, align the product development organization, and reinvigorate development teams. We help you change the culture of your organization, and to build the capability to sustain that change.

We teach effective standard development practices but do not focus on mass-market certification. Our job is to tell you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. We build your internal skills rather than create a dependency on us.

How We Work

Our complementary services bring holistic change to your product development program. Based on an Enterprise Assessment, we tailor the program for maximum impact in the shortest time. We bring the needed change and build your capability to sustain it.

Enterprise Assessment

Discover what really works and does not work in your enterprise: strategy, product vision, organizational structure, people, incentives, communication, etc. Determine the most important gaps to address, and receive specific action plans to eliminate barriers to high performance.

Agile Team Deployment

Maximize the delivery speed and capability of teams on the floor with Scrum and Kanban. Bootcamp training grounds team members in principles with practical everyday application. Embedded coaching guides teams through delivery of a product and equips them to continue improving as they gain experience.

Leadership Coaching

Create an environment of servant leadership to empower and engage the full enterprise. Align efforts across departments with clear strategy and vision. Clear the path for teams to achieve their full potential. Establish a culture of innovation from the top.

Market Gap & Solution Discovery

Identify customer problems with the greatest potential for your enterprise. Focus efforts on the best opportunities and eliminate less profitable distractions. Quickly achieve product-market fit to create ensure that customers love your product before expending costly and time-consuming development resources building it.

Lean Portfolio Management

Apply lightweight resource and dependency management across all of your projects. Eliminate wasteful activity or steps from your development flow. Achieve alignment throughout the enterprise with high-visibility work tracking methods.

Customer-Focused Development

Partner with customers throughout the development process to validate new and existing features. Learn what really matters to your customers. Engage your customers in designing your products.


Customer Product Data Company

Customer focus and new business models

A longtime publisher of consumer product data was losing ground to the trend toward free customer reviews. We trained and coached three product teams, and coached leadership in lean portfolio management. The teams achieved a rapid development pace with customer focus, and the business created new business models to explore.

Financial Services Company

Streamlined development process

Most people consider this company the best performer in its field. An assessment found gaps in devops, QA, and more than 65% of development time spent waiting for dependency resolution. We pinpointed problem areas and delivered specific action plans for improvement.

Ecommerce SAAS Provider

Consistent practice and vocabulary

Growth had caught up with this service provider. They had no consistent practices, a code base of increasing complexity, and demanding clients to please. Training and coaching for all teams brought consistent vocabulary, baseline practices, and reporting to their development efforts. Joint training with a client created a new collaborative development model.

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