ifaddr [ field ... : ] [ addr ... ]


The ifaddr program reads a message from standard input. It exits 0 if any addr appears in a field header, and exiting 100 if there is no match. Invoked with no addr arguments, ifaddr looks for the address in the environment variable $RECIPIENT. Address comparisons are case insensitive. If no field arguments appear, then ifaddr uses To and Cc.

If an addr begins with @, then ifaddr compares it to the domain portion of addresses from each field.


If it encounters a temporary error while reading input, ifaddr exits 111.


The .qmail line

| condtomaildir dir ifaddr to cc from : myfriend

writes correspondence with myfriend to dir.

The .qmail line

| condtomaildir dir ifaddr

writes a message with a To or Cc address in the domain to dir.


William Baxter <>