qtools comes with NO WARRANTY.

System requirements

The qtools package works only under UNIX systems that run qmail. Additionally, email repliers configured with replier-config require ezmlm-weed from the ezmlm package.


Download the qtools package. The most recent qtools package is 0.56.

Unpack the qtools package:

gunzip qtools-0.56.tar
tar -xf qtools-0.56.tar
cd qtools

Compile the qtools programs:


Run some tests. Normally, this produces no output:

make test

If the tests fail, manually compare their output with the expected results:

./rts > rts.out
diff rts.out rts.exp

As root, install the qtools programs under /usr/local:

make setup check

Report successful installation:

( echo First M. Last; cat `cat SYSDEPS` ) \
| mail web-inst@superscript.com

replacing First M. Last with your name.