replier-config dir dot local host [ outlocal [ outhost ]]


The replier-config program configures an instance of replier, the qtools auto-responder. It creates dir and populates it with configuration files. It creates two qmail files called dot-help and dot-return-default. The local, host arguments together determine the local delivery address configured for auto-response. The outlocal, outhost arguments are used in the responses.

The directory dir must begin with a slash. If outlocal is not present, replier-config sets it to local. If outhost is not present, replier-config sets it to host.

If outlocal is not empty, replier-config creates a new email replier at the address


If outlocal is empty, replier-config creates a new email replier at the address


In either case, replier-config sets up two .qmail files to control the help-address replier: dot-help and dot-return-default. These files should control messages to the addresses outlocal-help@outhost and outlocal-return-@outhost, respectively (or help@outhost and return-@outhost if outlocal is empty).

Within dir, replier-config creates several configuration files for replier.

The first line of dir/inlocal consists of local.

The first line of dir/inhost consists of host.

The first line of dir/outlocal consists of outlocal.

The first line of dir/outhost consists of outhost.

The first line of dir/mailinglist consists of contact helpaddress; run by replier, where helpaddress is the help address created by replier-config as described above.

The dir/headerremove file contains


The dir/headeradd file contains

Precedence: bulk

The dir/text/help file contains text sent in response to messages received at the help address.


To configure a replier at the address, the user joe issues the command

replier-config $HOME/replier $HOME/.qmail-replier joe-replier

If email to is delivered to, the following command may be appropriate to configure a replier at

replier-config $HOME/replier $HOME/.qmail-replier joe-replier joe-replier

If the user replier handles mail for the virtual domain, then the following command creates a replier at

replier-config $HOME/replier $HOME/.qmail replier ""

Adding replier addresses

To add a new replier address that filters only the body of a message, edit the dir/bodyfilter shell script and add a new case corresponding to the new address. Then create a symbolic link from dir/qmail-bodyfilter to the .qmail file that controls the new address. That’s it!

Adding a command to filter the message header is entirely analagous, but use dir/headerfilter and dir/qmail-headerfilter, while entire-message filters use dir/msgfilter and dir/qmail-msgfilter.

Bounce handling

By default, a replier created with replier-config silently throws away bounce messages. The .qmail file controlling bounces is a symbolic link pointing to dir/bouncer. Edit dir/bouncer to change the treatment of bounce messages.


The very existence of this program is a bug.


William Baxter <>