Agile & Lean References


2 Second Lean, Paul Akers

Lean waste elimination as a treasure hunt. A delightful combination of solid principle and fun application.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni

Insights into team dynamics and techniques for improving them.

How Google Works, Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

Insights into Google’s “smart creatives” culture.


Kanban, David Anderson

The canonical reference for Kanban in software development.

Lean from the Trenches, Henrik Kniberg

A case study in scaling Kanban.


Interactive Scrum Diagram, InRhythm

An interactive reference of the full Scrum process with roles, artifacts, and ceremonies.

Scrum Alliance

A large community of Scrum practitioners.

Scrum Master, Mike Cohn

A summary of the scrum master role.

Product Development

Inspired, Marty Cagan

Solid advice on how to conduct product discovery and produce the right products.

User Story Mapping, Jeff Patton

A tool that helps teams keep the big product picture in focus throughout the development life cycle.


How to Get Startup Ideas, Paul Graham

Guidance on generating good ideas for new ventures.

The Lean Startup, Eric Ries

The book that popularized an experimental learning approach to business model creation.

Steve Blank Blog, Steve Blank

The primary reference for all things Lean Startup.

Aug 2, 2015