System requirements

The ucspi-ipc packageworks only under UNIX. In addition, ucspi-ipc requires an implementation of getpeereid.

This package implements getpeereid for recent Linux kernels. Some systems offer gepeereid as system call, including OpenBS 3.0, FreeBS 4.6 and AI 5L. Several patches are also available to add a getpeereid system call to older BSD operating system versions.

On systems that lack getpeereid, ucspi-ipc runs, but ipcserver generates an error if getpeereid is called, i.e. when invoked without the -P switch. The package regression tests fail on platforms without getpeereid.


If necessary, create a /package directory:

mkdir /package
chmod 1755 /package
cd /package

Download the ucspi-ipc package. The most recent ucspi-ipc package is 0.67. Unpack ucspi-ipc in /package:

gunzip ucspi-ipc-0.67.tar
tar -xpf ucspi-ipc-0.67.tar
rm ucspi-ipc-0.67.tar
cd host/

Compile the package:


Run some tests:


The output should be empty. Tests will fail on systems that lack getpeereid support.

Install the package:


Commands are installed in the /package/host/ directory. For compatibility with prior versions, commands are also installed in the /usr/local/bin directory.

Report successful installation:


Package subsets

To restrict the compile or install to a subset of the entire package, supply the name of a subset on the command line:

package/compile subset
package/rts subset
package/install subset

To exclude a subset from an operation, add a hyphen as the first command-line argument:

package/compile - subset
package/rts - subset
package/install - subset

Valid subsets in this package are base and ipcperl.

NB: Package subset handling will be removed in a future version.