System Requirements

The ucspi-ssl package works only under UNIX.

This package requires OpenSSL and ucspi-tcp. In particular, tests require ucspi-tcp.


Generate DH parameters if necessary. Update src/conf-dhfile to reflect your DH parameter file.

Installing Under /package

These instructions describe an installation of a versioned distribution under /package. If you choose to install under a different prefix, replace /package with your choice of prefix in the steps that follow.

Download the ucspi-ssl package. The most recent ucspi-ssl package is ucspi-ssl 0.73.

If necessary, create a /package directory:

mkdir /package
chmod 1755 /package

Unpack ucspi-ssl in /package.

cd /package
gunzip ucspi-ssl-0.73.tar
tar -xpf ucspi-ssl-0.73.tar
rm ucspi-ssl-0.73.tar
cd host/

Follow the instructions for completing the installation.

Installing Under A Working Copy

These instructions describe how to install to run executables from a working copy of the repository.

Clone the repository here: ucspi-ssl. Check out the branch of your choice and cd to the top-level directory.

Follow the instructions for completing the installation.

Completing The Installation

Determine the list of directories to symlink commands into by editing the package/command-ln file. The default is /package/host/

Determine the list of directories to copy commands into by editing the package/command-cp file. The default is none.

Compile the package:


This compiles programs for the main package.

Optionally compile sslperl:

package/compile sslperl

This compiles the sslperl program.

Optionally copy commands into the command/ directory:

package/compile it.command
package/compile sslperl.command

Run some tests for the main programs and optionally the sslperl programs:

package/compile it.rts
package/compile sslperl.rts

This will copy commands into the command/ directory before running tests in case you did not do so above. If the tests fail you will see a message indicating where to look for more information.

Install the package. This will compile the package if you have not already done so:


Optionally install sslperl:

package/install sslperl

Compile the documentation:


This creates and populates the www/ directory. It requires asciidoc. The source files are located in doc/ and are directly readable. Look for files with a .txt extension.

Report Success

Email a report to the author: